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We are the top-rated provider for addiction therapy in Brighton, MI. I am here to help you establish an understanding of what drives your addictive behavior and guide you on how to handle it. While there are no cures for addictions, you can learn how to deal with them.
The key to overcoming an addiction and living a healthy life is understanding addiction. I work with you to help you figure out what the triggers are to your addictive behavior. Through counseling I am able to gain an understanding of your specific cause and needs. Each client develops addictions to various things for various reasons. I am here to help you understand yours. 
I am a professional business that understands the need for compassion when helping you with healing. I get to the root cause of your addiction and work with you to understand the whys. I am here to help you become a better you. It is a long road to recovery when dealing with addictions, but I will be with you every mile of your journey. 
Addiction does not only hurt the addict. Many times it does damage to the family and friends closest to you. I am here to help repair those relationships as well. I will work with the group to discuss the hurt that has been caused and help everyone to move past it. Acknowledging the pain that has been caused is the first step to repairing the damage. I will guide you through this process. 
I offer a safe and secure environment where you can come to work through all of your problems. I guarantee that what is discussed behind our doors will never be shared with anyone. There is no shame in working to overcome addiction, but I do understand why you want to keep it between you and your counselor. I do not judge; I simply help you work through your problems. 

Deborah Gottlieb-Porlick, LLC is here to help you through your addictions.

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