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Counseling is a tool used to help people overcome a number of different issues that present themselves in life. There is no shame in admitting you need help in understanding the problems that you face. Deborah Gottlieb-Porlick, LLC is here to help you when you need help.
For counseling in Brighton, MI and the surrounding areas you want to turn to us. I am top-rated counselors in our fields. I offer private, confidential counseling to help you deal with whatever roadblock you are trying to overcome. I provide a relaxed environment where I can work through your troubles. 
I offer transformational counseling that will help you become a better version of yourself. I guide you in walking through past events that haunt your present. I want you to be able to make sense of why you are having the issues you are, and then I help you to work through them. 
We provide behavior modification to help you knock those bad habits that are affecting you and your life. Bad behavior can have lasting effects on you personally and your relationships with others. I delve into what causes you to express yourself through these behaviors and work to changing your outlets. 
We work to help you overcome any anxiety you feel. Being overwhelmed can be easily triggered by certain events; I work with you to help you understand what causes these feelings for you. Understanding the cause can help you prevent the feelings from happening.
Depression is another area I work to treat. Depression is a serious problem that a lot of people face; there is no shame in seeking help for it. I want to find out what has caused these feelings inside you and help prevent them before they lead to any form of self-harm.

No matter what type of counseling help you are in need of, Deborah Gottlieb-Porlick, LLC is here to help you.

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