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Deborah Gottlieb-Porlick, LLC is happy to provide marriage counseling in Brighton, MI and the surrounding areas. I take pride in helping couples rebuild and strengthen their relationships. No matter what problems you and your partner are facing, I will help you learn how to address them and move on. 
We offer certified Imago relationship therapists. Imago therapy takes a couples approach instead of an individual approach to solving the problems in a marriage. This technique focuses on healing the wounds of our childhood. It is believed that I seek partners who will heal the wounds created in childhood. This often times sets our partners up for unintentional failure. I strive to figure out what these wounds are so that I can help both people learn what is being sought from their partner and how to provide for those needs. 
Using this method, I am able to help end arguments that you and your partner often have. This is a great way to resolve issues that keep repeating themselves in your relationship. By allowing us to help walk you through the paths of your pasts, I can give you both the knowledge and understanding needed to repair your relationship and move forward hand in hand. 
If you are tired of fighting and looking to save your marriage, I am the place you can trust to help you along the way. I offer a non-judgmental place for you and your partner to lay all of your issues out on the table. Everything that is said in a meeting with us is kept confidential, so you do not have to worry about your business being broadcast to anyone. I want you to feel relaxed and safe when you are working with us. Our only desire is to help you move forward in a loving relationship. 

We are here to help you gain the love a respect that builds a long lasting relationship.

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